Chevron Theme

This year I have decided to completely change the theme of my classroom. I am going to go with a bright Chevron theme. I loved this set of backgrounds when I found them, so I have began creating my Chevron themed posters. Here is what I have so far.

Alphabet Posters

This picture shows my objective board. I created this board to place the objectives that I will be teaching for the week. I teach kindergarten and I do not write the objectives that I will be teaching. Instead, I place objects on my objective board such as our letter of the week, sight words for the week, examples of our math activities etc. I try to keep my objective board "kindergarten friendly."
Color Charts

Here are the color charts displayed in my classroom. They coordinate really well with this polka dot border.
Number Charts 1-20
Number Poem Formation Charts
This year I decided to create a bulletin board that is devoted just to displaying my student's amazing work.

This is my "caring kid" wall. Each week I choose one student to be my "caring kid." I place their picture on my caring kids wall beneath the month header. I decide who is my caring kid by choosing someone who is respectful and responsible in the classroom. My caring kid also gets a crown to wear and special classroom jobs to do.

This is my news board. I keep my lunch menus, calendars, etc. here.

This is an example of the table numbers that I have hanging above my tables. You can grab a set of these for free by clicking here.

These are my new chevron curtains. I purchased the material at Hobby Lobby. 

Shapes and Numbers

Reward Tickets-here is the reward system that my school uses. Each time a student is caught being good, he or she is given a ticket to place in this chart. When the chart is filled, the entire class will get a reward. This works perfectly as all of the students work together for a common reward.

Crystal McGinnis

Summer Break Fun

Now that summer is here, my girls and I are always looking for things to do.

My daughters and I made these cute owl themed cupcakes this weekend. They turned out really cute and the girls had fun. Here are the ingredients that were used.
White Icing
Chocolate Chips
Life Saver Mint Candies
Peanut Butter Cups-Candy Bar Size
Cake Sprinkles
Vanilla Wafer Cookies
First we iced the cupcakes white. Next we stuck a chocolate chip in the middle of two Life Saver mint candies (using icing) to create the eyes. We then stuck the eyes to the head (peanut butter cup) using the icing. We added chocolate chip ears and yellow candy sprinkle beaks to our owl head. We finished by attaching the head to the cupcake. (I placed a toothpick behind the head so that it would stand upright). After attaching the head, we added vanilla wafers for the wings and chocolate chips to the front to look like feathers. They turned out really cute. (Almost to cute to eat!)

Crystal McGinnis