10 Marshmallow Math Activities for Kindergarten

Do your students love to use candy or food during their math activities? If so, you might like this set of mini marshmallow math activities. This set of 10 activities are perfect for hands-on learning, and will provide your students a sweet treat when they are done. Also, mini marshmallows are very inexpensive which is great for a teacher's budget. 

This set of math activities include counting and tallying, measuring, adding, subtracting, shapes, making 5 and 10, teen numbers, and more. If you would like to use these mini marshmallow activities in your classroom, grab a digital download of the activities here.

Check out the activities below!

Counting and Tallying


Making 5

Teen Numbers


Making 10


Creating Equal Sets

Plus One

Building Shapes

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Crystal McGinnis

Winter Graphing Center for Kindergarten or First Grade

Are you looking for new center ideas to add to your math center after Christmas break? I created this set of winter graphs to add to my math rotations. This set comes with enough materials for 5 different math center activities.  

Each set comes with 12 picture cards and 4 different graphs that I will place in my math center. Students will sort the winter pictures and place them in a pocket chart to keep them organized. (Students love the pocket chart!) They will then complete the four graphing activities that go with the pictures. These graphing activities include creating a bar graph, pictograph, tally chart, and circle graph. These graphs are very basic and were created with kindergarten students in mind.

We will complete one of the graphing sets together before I place this in my math center so that my students know exactly what to do. 

Objects Needed to Build a Snowman Graphs

Snow Day Activities Graphs

Arctic Animals Graphs

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Crystal McGinnis