Valentine's Day In K!

We just celebrated Valentine's Day in my kindergarten classroom. This is one of the most anticipated days of the school year. Here is a peak into our day!
I made strawberry floats for the class. I mixed ice cream, strawberry soda, and whipped cream together. The kids loved these!
Valentine Boxes
Next we shared our Valentine boxes. My class (and the neighboring classes) did such an amazing job on these. I snapped a few pics.



Mine Craft Something???

Puppy Dog

Poodle WOW!


 Ninja Turtle
We raced moving M&M's from one cup to another using only a straw.

We stacked as many candy hearts as we could on top of each other without them toppling over.

We played Valentine's Addition Race. Students roll two dice and add the numbers. They then cross of the answer on their recording sheet. The first person to have all numbers crossed off was the winner.

We measured using candy hearts.


We made these heart hats our of paper plates. I already had them cut out. The kids decorated them with stickers. Simple and cute!

Valentine and February Resources

I create almost all of the resources that I use in my classroom. Here are some samples of February resources that are found in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.





Simple Heart Craft

I was looking for a quick and easy Valentine's themed craft to decorate my room with, and this was both quick and easy. My kiddos decorated these during our inside recess today. I simply took coffee filters and folded them in half. I cut a heart shape out of the filter and then re-folded it. My kinders took dot markers and dotted one sided of the coffee filters with multiple colors. They then unfolded it, and it was done! Simple, simple, simple!

We made these simple Valentine Cards. The template is free in my TPT store. Click the link below to get it.

Valentine's Day Frog Stand-Up Craftivity

                    Get your frog pattern here!




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