Mother's Day Portraits

Last year, my kids created these adorable pictures of their  moms. I had them create their portraits out of construction paper. I pretty much gave them "no rules" and they turned out adorable. After they finished their portraits, I had them label their portraits with words that described their moms. Here is what they came up with. If you would like the free labeling sheet, click here.


We also started our "My Amazing Mom" books. These are turning out really cute! I know that they will make a great keepsake. They are also a FREEBIE in my TPT store. Click on my store icon on the right side of my blog to go straight there. Enjoy!
We also made these cards for our moms. The tag on the card says "I Give My Heart to You." We traced our hands and arms and glued them on construction paper. We then glued a paper heart on our hand so that it looks like they are handing the heart to their mom. We finished by creating a bracelet for our moms.


Crystal McGinnis

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