Candy Hearts Activities for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is all about love, and my kids LOVE candy hearts❤️❤️! The week of Valentine's Day I set up candy heart activities to keep my kids engaged in the classroom while still learning.  To make it inexpensive for me, I ask each of my students to bring in one large bag of candy hearts to use with the activities. This is way more than enough ❤️'s to get us through all of the activities! Check out the activities below to see if they will work for your classroom. 

Valentine Estimation-The students estimate how many hearts they think it will take to cover the hearts on the printable. They then count and check!

Valentine Add & Color-Students roll the dice, add the numbers, and then cover the answer with a candy heart. The first person to have all hearts covered is the winner!

Valentine Arrow Measuring-Students measure each arrow with candy hearts. Fun!

Candy Heart Sorting and Graphing-Students sort their candy hearts, and then graph them. Easy!

Valentine Patterns-Students create various patterns using their candy hearts.

Candy Heart Tic-Tac-Toe

Candy Heart Number Sentences-Students are given an addition card with a number sentence on it. Students use their candy hearts to build and solve the problem.

Grab this pin to save these heart❤️ activities!

If you like my candy heart activities, and would like to use them in your classroom, CLICK THIS LINK!

Crystal McGinnis


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