Winter Emergent Readers and Shared Reading Poems

Winter is here, and that means that the school year is almost half over! It is amazing how much progress kindergarten students make over such a short amount of time. They began school with very few pre-reading skills, and they are now starting to look and sound like readers. I created this set of January emergent readers to use after returning from winter break. I created them to be predictable for new readers, but also difficult enough to keep them challenged. The topics included in my winter set include snow, snowmen, arctic animals, winter clothing, hot chocolate, and January. You can get these emergent readers here in my TPT store.

Poetry is also a perfect way to build reading fluency in new readers. I have created these winter poems to do just that! Not only are they perfect for reading fluency, but they are filled with sight words so that the kids can learn their sight words in text. We read them, highlight them, chant them, and more!

I place a pocket chart version in our pocket chart center. The kids love putting the poems back together after we have learned them whole group.

Grab one of these pins to come back!

Crystal McGinnis

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