20 Interactive Sight Word Poems for Shared Reading

The last few years, I have been incorporating shared reading into my daily sight word routines. Shared Reading is a perfect way to teach kinders the basics of reading.... including tracking print, fluency, concepts of print and more. I love to use shared reading to teach sight words as well! Students learn their sight words in text, instead of "isolated."

 My newest set of shared reading poems are called interactive poems because the kinders do more than just read the poems. They read the poems, highlight their sight words, write the missing sight words, glue the poems in order, and write about the poems. This is a perfect way to have a sight word poem activity each day of the week. Here is what it looks like in my classroom.

Monday....I introduce the new poem. We choral read it, chant it, and highlight the sight words. I use a projector to show the poem whole group, or I write it on chart paper.

Tuesday.....The students fill in the missing sight words. We re-read the poem together, and then partner read the poem.

Wednesday.....We re-read the poem, and then we glue the poem in order using this mixed-up version of the poem.  We then go back and highlight the sight words if we have time.

Thursday.....We re-read the poem, and then we write using the provided writing prompt for each 

Friday.....We read the poem one last time, and then either take them home for reading homework, or tuck them in our book baskets for a familiar read. Each student has their own poetry folder in the basket.

Crystal McGinnis

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