Christmas Gnome Craft

Are you looking for a simple holiday craft to decorate your classroom or hallway with? I absolutely love this Christmas Gnome Craft! It is very simple to put together, and the prep is very minimal. The finished project looks adorable, and can be customized according to what each student wants!

Step 1

Print and cut out the pieces! The students choose what shape of a body they would like. They then cut out the template pieces for the body, nose, legs, and beard. They trace the hat template on the design of scrapbook paper of their choice (this is provided by you). They then cut it out. Once the pieces are cut, they are ready to put their Gnome together. 

Step 2

We used a blue background for our Gnome, but you can choose what color works for your class.
We laid out all of our pieces to make sure they fit like we wanted them to before we pulled out those glue sticks.

Step 3

Once we knew what we wanted our gnome to look like, we glued on the legs, body, beard, hat, and nose.

The finished Gnome was simply adorable!

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Crystal McGinnis

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