10 Skittles Math Activities For Young Learners

Kinders LOVE using candy for math activities in the classroom! Their little eyes just light up when they see you pull out a bag of candy. They just know that they will be rewarded with a sweet treat after they finish the assigned task.  I love to keep students happy, so I created this set of Skittles math activities! They are perfect for learning centers, RTI, or whole group activities. Your students will be engaged while learning the skills they need to be successful. 

Skittles Shapes-Students practice counting vertices (corners) of shapes by placing skittles on each vertice and then adding them up. 

Skittles Patterns-Students create patterns with skittles. They then color in the boxes to match.

Skittles Number ID-Students practice number ID by covering up the number called by the teacher. Simple and effective!

Skittles Addition-Students use skittles to add and complete number sentences.

Skittles Sorting and Graphing-Your students sort their pile of skittles by color. They then create a bar or picture graph. You choose!

Skittle Ten Frame Counting-The kiddos practice creating sets of skittles on ten frames. This activity is provided in both single and teen numbers.

Skittles Survey-Your kiddos ask their friends what their favorite color of skittle is. They record the answers and total.

Skittle Roll and Count-Students roll two dice, add the dots, write the number, and count that many skittles. This is perfect for practicing addition, number writing, and counting.

Skittles Comparing-Students compare the number of skittles in each color and determine which color is greater.

Skittles Tallying-Students organize, count, tally, and total their skittles.

If you want to use these activities in your classroom, you can grab them in my TPT store. 

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Crystal McGinnis

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