Parts of a Plant Craft

If you are looking for a quick "parts of a plant" craft to go along with your plant study, check this out! It takes very few supplies, and can be done independently by your kiddos. 

The supplies needed are green pipe cleaners or straws for the stem, green construction paper for the leaves, brown construction paper for the roots, and a cupcake tin for the flower. I found these adorable flower cupcake tins at Wal-Mart in the Easter section, and they were perfect for this project!

 The steps to creating this flower are simple. The kiddos place all of the parts on a blue piece of construction paper. The cupcake tin is the flower and it is added first. The kids then add the green pipe cleaner stem. I cut these in half and they were the perfect size. Green paper is used to cut leaves. The kids can create these on their own to  make them unique.

Brown construction paper strips are used for the roots.


The parts are then all arranged as the picture shows. The roots are added to the bottom. You can add labels if you choose. The end product is adorable.

Crystal McGinnis

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