Cafeteria Rules/Lunch Room Pocket Chart Sort

If you use my school rules pocket chart sort in your classroom, you may also like my cafeteria rules version. As a former kindergarten teacher, I know exactly how difficult developing cafeteria routines can be at the beginning of the school year (and even longer some years). I created this cafeteria rules pocket chart to help remind my kinders how they should behave in the cafeteria. We used this pocket chart sort daily the first few days of school before our scheduled lunchtime. This served as a consistent reminder for my kiddos. The pocket chart sort is pretty easy to implement. We looked at each behavior card and decided whether it was a good choice for the cafeteria, or a sad choice for the cafeteria. I also provided independent practice as a follow up. 

You can get my cafeteria rules pocket chart here!

I also have a school bus version. 

Crystal McGinnis

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