Word Family Poems for Shared Reading

Do you teach word families in your classroom? Word families are an important skill to teach when teaching reading development. Word families can be taught in a variety of ways, including using poetry. I created this set of 21 word family poems to use each week when we practice a new word family. I will display the poems using our projector and we will learn the poem together. I will then give the kiddos their own version. They will read the poem, find and highlight the word family words, and then place the poems in their poetry notebook. You could also write the poem on chart paper to create a whole group lesson that can be displayed in the classroom. Check out a few of my word family poems below. You can grab a copy to use in your classroom here. 

I also created this set of poems in a pocket chart version. After learning the poems, the students put the poems together in the pocket chart during center time. Check out the pocket chart version here!

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Crystal McGinnis


  1. I love your ideas! Just a practical question: what storing system do you follow so that you store effectively the cards you place in the pocket chart?