Ocean Animal Themed Sight Word Poems

Young students love to learn about the ocean and ocean animals! I love to teach about the ocean, and that includes incorporating the ocean into reading. I created this set of Ocean Animal Sight Word Poems to use during shared reading. I will create a poetry notebook for each student to use during our ocean animal study. I will also write the poems on chart paper, or display them using our projector. We will read the poems, and then highlight the sight words that we are learning. I will use these poems alongside my Ocean Animals Mega Unit.

I created this set in 2 different levels, so that it can be used with different levels of readers. The basic poems are very predictable for new readers. The second set of poems are more complex, but still focus on sight words. Both sets cover the same ocean animals. You are welcome to use these poems in your classroom. You can write them on chart paper, or you can get the printable version here.

Grab one of these pins to come back!

Crystal McGinnis

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