Living and Non-Living Activities

Do you teach Living and Non-Living characteristics to your preschool or kindergarten students? If you do, you may like some of my Living/Non Living activities. Check them out below!

I introduce the topic of Living and Non-living things by using these slides. Slides tend to keep the kiddos engaged, which is important when teaching young students. They show the students that living things are things that need food and water, living things are things that grow, living things are things that move and breathe, and living things are things that reproduce. You can also print off the slides to create a book if you choose!

After we go thru the slides, we complete this Living vs. Non-Living pocket chart sort. We discuss if the items on the cards move, breathe, grow, reproduce etc. as we place them in the chart. The kiddos love to use the pocket chart in the classroom! I will place this as an independent center after we use it whole group. 👈

Students then complete a sorting printable after the pocket chart activity! This makes great independent practice.

We read this "Is It Living" Emergent Reader. The students each get their own copy to complete and color.

After reading the emergent reader we complete this "Is It Alive?" Chart

We draw items that are living and non-living.

We color things that are living.

We complete this writing activity that lets the students find living objects in a magazine and then write about them. (Keeping a stack of old magazines in your classroom can help with projects like this!)

We also sort living and non-living things that we find in a magazine. This makes a perfect learning center activity.

We go on a Living vs. Non-Living Scavenger Hunt Outside! We find things that were/are living, and things that were never living. The students love to take this activity outside!

If you would like to use any of these activities in your classroom, you can grab them here in my TPT shop. They are a DOLLAR DEAL, and also a digital download so they are instantly available to use.

Crystal McGinnis

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