2 & 3 D Shape Sorts (With Environmental Shapes)

Shape recognition is included in almost every kindergarten math curriculum! This includes 2 & 3 D shapes. I created this set of 2 & 3 D shape sorts to use to introduce kiddos to environmental shapes. Students cut out the pictures, sort them, and then glue the pictures that match the given shapes. Simple as that! This set includes sorts for a circle, square, rectangle, triangle, rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon, cube, cone, cylinder, and sphere. These are the common shapes introduced in K. These could be placed in a math center, used during guided math, or whole group. I usually ask the students to try to bring in one environmental shape to match our "shape of the day" to use along with these shape printables. They love to share what they have at home! Grab these shape printables here in my tpt shop if you would like to use them in your classroom.

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Crystal McGinnis

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