Jungle Themed Open House Treat Certificate

A few years ago, I had a Zebra Theme in my kindergarten classroom. Our school theme was actually "The Jungle" that year.  For our Open House night, I created these certificates to put on my new student's desks. The kiddos love to get sweet treats on Open House night, so I created this certificate to include a Zebra Cake (Little Debbie Cake). The cake was incorporated into the certificate to look like the Zebra's body.

If you would like to use these certificates in your classroom, here is what I did!

Here are the supplies needed to create the certificate.
*One Little Debbie Zebra Cake per student (They only come in packs of 2)
* Scissors, little baggies, tape
*Printed Certificate for the grade level you teach

First, I cut the package of cakes in half to create 2 individual cakes. 

Next, I grabbed some baggies with fold tops.

I then placed each individual Zebra Cake in its own bag. I had to cut the top of the bag off so that it wasn't quite so big.

I then folded the baggie around the cake and taped the back.

I added the cake to the certificate on the Zebra's body, just like this! The kiddos loved them...(and so did the parents.)

Grab this pin to come back!

Crystal McGinnis

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