CVC Word Family Flowers Craft for Spring

If you are looking for an educational Spring Craft, check out this CVC Word Family flower template. Students build up to 20 different flowers using different word family words. This craft is perfect for a spring literacy center! 

The flowers are simple to create! Choose which word family you would like your students to practice and print the flower pieces on any color of paper that you choose. Have your students cut out the pieces and lay them out as shown. 

First, students will glue the flowerpot to the bottom of a piece of construction paper or tagboard. They then add the stem!

After gluing the flowerpot and stem, students glue the petals to the center of the flower.

Finally, students glue the flower to the top of the stem. The flowers are then complete!

I would have each of my students create a different word family flower and then I would display them. The students could practice reading each flower and the word family words that they see!

Use this pin to come back!

Crystal McGinnis

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