New CVC Word Centers for Kindergarten

Hello Friends! I have spent the last few days after the Christmas Holiday working on these new CVC Word literacy centers. It is amazing how kindergarten students really bloom as readers after winter break, so providing them with as much hands-on practice as you can is important to keeping this momentum going. The CVC word learning centers that I created to put in our center rotations include a CVC Word pocket chart, CVC word mats, and CVC word strips. 

This CVC Word Pocket Chart lets students sort Real CVC Words and made up (Nonsense) CVC Words in a Pocket Chart. They then write some of the words on a recording sheet. This pocket chart can also be completed whole group by giving each student a card to read and place in the pocket chart. 

These CVC Word Mats let students trace, build, draw, and write CVC Words. They are simple to print, laminate, and then add to your literacy centers. I also included a black and white version that can be used with play-doh to build the words instead of letter tiles. 

These CVC Word Writing Strips are perfect for practicing beginning sounds along with reading CVC Words. They are also simple to print, laminate, and then add to your centers. You could also make these a morning work activity or add them to your fast finishers bucket.

These CVC Word Building Cards let your students build cvc words using letter tiles, and then write the cvc words using expo marker!

Grab one of these pins to come back!

Crystal McGinnis

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