Animal Writing Books

Do your kids love learning about animals? If so, your students may love my animal writing books! These books are simple to use with very little prep for you. 

Begin by selecting an animal for your students to write about by choosing from one of the 40 animal covers that I have created. Next, add blank writing pages to the book. You can pick as many pages as you would like to your books depending on the writing abilities of your students. Finally, bind the books and you are ready!

You can also create a class book with these templates. Each student can complete one page of the book and then you can bind them all together. These books can be put in your classroom library!

This resource includes 40 animals, which should make it easy to find an animal your students will love. I have also created the set in color or black and white, so your kids can color the book cover.

If you want to use these animal writing books in your classroom, they are available as a digital download. Simply make your purchase, and then download and print! Grab them here!

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Crystal McGinnis


  1. This blog is a testament to your expertise and dedication. The way you break down complex ideas into digestible pieces is remarkable. Thank you for such a great read!

  2. I love reading your blog! The way you present information is both engaging and informative, making complex topics easy to understand. Thank you for your hard work!