Kindergarten Number Sense Activities Made Simple

This week we have been very busy practicing number formation, recognition, and counting. I always try to include a hands-on activity, along with our paper pencil activity, in my math lessons. Here is what my kinders did this week. I hope you find some ideas for your own classroom!

We used linking chains to build the numbers that we had already learned. This was an easy,  no prep lesson!

We played number slap it!

We built our numbers with play doh.
We highlighted our number of the day. Click this link to get these.

We used small bathroom cups to order numbers.

We used teddy bear counters to practice counting.

We made number towers using unifix cubes.

We counted and clipped using my clip it cards.

We used linking chains to create sets.

We practiced counting using these domino mats.

We clipped tens frames using clothes pins and mats from my Math Mats Collection.

I had a few extra minutes, so we used circles to cover the numbers on our name plates as I called them out. The kinders also counted out the correct number of counters as I called out a number.
Crystal McGinnis

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