Literacy In Kindergarten-The First Few Weeks

The first few weeks of Kindergarten have come and gone, and now my kinders are beginning to get into our literacy routines of shared reading, alphabet recognition, and sight word practice throughout the day. I also try to tie in phonemic awareness, read alouds, and beginning writing skills. Wow, we are busy! Below are a few pics that I snapped this week to show some of the
literacy activities that I do at the beginning of the year.

Sight word q-tip painting. Our word of the week this week was the word see!

Uppercase and lowercase partners. I place these on student desks during transitional times. The students find their matching partner and stand beside them. This gets us up and moving, and is a quick alphabet recognition review.

Sight Word Morning Work-This was one of my morning work activities. I had a basket of highlighters ready to go, and my students found and highlighted the sight word "see".

This was one of our book box books for the week. We used my "I see" book to review our color words.

I cut off the top of a post it note (the sticky part) and let students find and underline the word see with the post it note during our shared reading lesson.

I created a sight word "see" book that had all of my students faces and names in it. The students loved these!

We were also learning about color words this week, so I created this pocket chart activity for my kinders. After reading the book Brown Bear Brown Bear, students drew a picture of one of the animals from the book. We placed these in our pocket chart to create a predictable reading activity. We then pointed and read all of the "I see" statements together.

This is another brown bear activity. We created Brown Bear bags. We then sequenced the story according to the order of the book. We placed the animal pictures inside, and my students took these home and retold the story to their families.

I place letter tiles in small bowls and give them to my students. We order the alphabet with these, and then we do a "quick retrieval." I call out a letter, and my students slide that letter down to the bottom of their desk. We practice both upper and lowercase letters.

Our book boxes!

This is what I have been using for letter formation. Click this link to get this. I have found that my kinders are not ready for lined practice this early in the school year. I project this unlined version on my white board, and my kinders have a version on a clipboard sitting in front of it on our carpet. We practice making every stroke of the letter together. This has worked perfectly!

Our math focus this week has been shapes. I gave my kinders these shape foam stickers. They placed a sticker that matched the color word in each sentence. We then practiced reading these together. Once again, we were reviewing the sight word see.
Here are a couple of files that these activities were in.
 I hope that you can use them in your classroom.

Crystal McGinnis

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