Apple Centers for Kindergarten

It is time to set up those September centers! One of my favorite units to teach during September is apples.  I like to set up apple themed math and literacy centers around the middle of September. Here is what I have so far!

Alphabet Find & Highlight- I hang up these apple letters around the classroom. The students go on an apple hunt to try to find them. Once they find each apple, they highlight the matching apple on their provided printable. They love to use clipboards for this activity!


Apple Clothespin Clip It- Students clip the correct number of clothespins to apple cutouts. I have these apples to 20, but many of my students won't be ready for teen numbers. That is what I love about center time. You can differentiate for your different leveled learners.

Upper and Lowercase Matching-Students cut out the lowercase apples, and glue them next to the uppercase match. Simple as that!

Hole Punch Apple-Students cut out apples, color them, and then use a hole punch to punch the correct number of holes in each apple. This is a great activity for fine motor development at the beginning of school.

Pocket Chart Rhyming-I always keep a pocket chart center in the classroom. Students will match rhyming pictures in the pocket chart. They will then practice independently using the provided printable.

Play-Doh Apple Seeds-Students create the correct number of apple seeds using playdoh.

Apple Domino Match-Students count the dots on dominoes, and match them to numbered apples. We will practice number recognition, and one to one counting.

Alphabet Ordering-The students order the alphabet on a magnet board using these apples. I purchased magnetic 2 sided tape at Wal-Mart. It is very easy to use, and can easily create magnetic centers.


Apple Themed Roll & Cover- All of my kids love roll and cover! Students roll two dice, 
count the dots, and then color an apple with the matching number. The first student to have all apples colored is the winner. Simple!

If you would like my apple centers, you can grab them in my TPT store. They are just 2.00. Enjoy!

Crystal McGinnis

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