Kindergarten Math Centers

I am always looking for math center ideas for my kinders. One of the standards that kinders are expected to master is comparing numbers 1-10. I created this set of math tubs or math centers so that they can practice that standard using many different hands-on activities. They will use play-doh, teddy bear counters, building blocks, linking chains and more. I printed these using my instant ink account from HP, but I also created them in BLACK OR WHITE for those teachers who can't print in color.

Students build two different number amounts using balls created from play-doh. They then decide which number is greater and place a play-doh ball beside the greater number. All kinders seem to love play-doh, so this center will be a hit!

Students draw 2 numbers from a pile, and then count out the correct number of teddy bear counters to match each number. Students then place an alligator mouth representing greater than, less than, or equal to on the mat. This center practices one to one counting, number recognition, and comparing numbers.

Students use cubes to build two towers. Students use the height of their towers to compare the numbers. Simple as that!

Students practice counting by counting the fingers on each hand. Students decide which hand has more fingers showing, and they place a greater than, less than, or equal sign on the card.

Students build numbers using linking cubes. Students then draw a greater than, less than, or equal to sign on each card.

Students complete these clip-it cards by counting the objects shown on both sides. The cards have a variety of objects. The students then place a clothespin on the side that is greater.

Students practice creating sets that are greater using pennies and penny banks.

Students play a game of roll and compare. Students will roll 2 dice, and then place the correct amount of random counters on one side of the mat. Their partner will then do the same, and place their counters on the other side of the mat. They will then compare the numbers, and the person with the greater amount is the winner.

Students will practice the term "equal" by creating apple trees that have an equal number of apples using pom poms or play-doh balls.

This is just one set of math centers that I have created to use throughout the year. I have also created math centers for counting and numbers 1-10, 2-D Shapes, 3-D Shapes, Teen Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, and Measurement. You can check out these activities in my TPT store. Here is the link!

Crystal McGinnis

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