Word Family "Pockets"

Word Family Pockets

I created this set of 28 "Word Family Pockets" to use as a word work activity while we are practicing word families. These pockets are simple to create (just fold and staple), and they can be used in a variety of ways over and over again (easy to store).  The kiddos will create the pocket, and then cut out the words and place them in the pocket. The pockets are then ready to use during word work activities.

Here are just a few ideas for using these pockets in your classroom

You can call out a word and then have your students find it in their pocket. The kiddos can then build the word using tiles or magnets (whichever you have).

Your kids can write the word family words on their white boards.

Play-doh is always a hit! You can call out a word, have your students find it, and then build the word with play-doh. You could also place these pockets on your students' desks in the morning, and have them build all of the words for morning work!

You can call out a word, have your students find it, and then ask your students to write a sentence using the word.

Other ideas include
 *Drawing each of the words (in the word pocket) on scrap paper

 *Giving your kids clues and letting them find the words according to the clues

*Practicing onset-rhime by breaking a word apart and then seeing if they can find the word in their pocket of words

*Let the students practice reading their words to a partner

Pin this pic if you want to come back later to find this resource!

Crystal McGinnis

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