Simple Predictable Sentences for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the year when the foundation to reading is built. Students develop phonemic awareness, alphabet recognition, sight word recognition, tracking print, using context cues, and so much more! As students are developing this foundation, they need to be exposed to simple, predictable text that gives them the opportunity to practice these new skills with confidence. I created this set of simple, predictable sentences to use during the first few months of kindergarten. I created two versions, one with tracking dots and one without. Students practice reading left to right, tracking print, spacing words, sight words, using picture clues, and more. This set is perfect to place into book boxes for a familiar read to use throughout the year. You can staple them together to create a book, or use them individually. I use them as our new sight words are introduced. 

Grab this pin to come back!

Crystal McGinnis

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