Color Word Books

Color words are included in almost every kindergarten curriculum! Kindergarten students read them, spell them, and write them! When teaching color words, I try to expose the kiddos to them as much as possible. One way I do this is by incorporating color words into small group reading sessions. We use these color word books during small group, and then we place them in our book boxes to use as a familiar read later. These books are perfect for teaching color words, sight words, tracking print, text features, context clues and more. When creating these books, I tried to keep them very predictable for new readers at the beginning of the school year. They all follow a predictable pattern, and incorporate the given color word on each page.
If you would like to use these in your classroom, they are available in my Teacher Pay Teachers store. They are incredibly easy to print and staple. No sorting needed! I created them so that they print 3 books with each set to save paper.

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Crystal McGinnis

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  1. Amazing ! Very useful way to teach sight words.Thanks.