14 Sight Word Activities for The Sight Word YOU

Sight words are one of the building blocks to reading development in Kindergarten (and beyond). Students are expected to learn a pretty substantial list of sight words. As a teacher, I always found myself digging around each week trying to put together activities that matched the sight word or words that we were studying. I would pull from this resource and that resource, and then finally come up with enough sight word activities for the word I had introduced that week. This was pretty time consuming, and teachers definitely have VERY LITTLE TIME, so I decided to start creating sight word sets that focused on ONE word. This was perfect because I could print the file for the week on Monday and go. No more looking for specific activities to match our sight word. We would use these focused activities for morning work, sight word centers, working with words, and more. Here is an example of one of the sight word sets that I created. This set focuses on the word YOU.

Sight Word YOU Stamping

Sight Word YOU Write the Room- Hang up the word YOU around the classroom. Students find the word and then write it on the recording sheet. This gets them up and moving!

Sight Word YOU q-tip painting

Sight Word YOU Race to the Top Game

Sight Word YOU Sorting

Sight Word YOU Word Building

Sight Word YOU Roll and Color Game

Sight Word YOU Trace It, Write It

Sight Word YOU Find and Highlight

Sight Word YOU Color By Word

Sight Word YOU Read & Write

Sight Word YOU Song

Sight Word YOU Predictable Sentences

Sight Word YOU Playdough Mats

Sight Word YOU Emergent Reader

I have created these sight word sets for many other words. I haven't made it to all of the kindergarten sight words, but I have created quite a few.

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Crystal McGinnis

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