Alphabet Anchor Charts

Do you create anchor charts in your classroom? Anchor charts are the perfect way to get your students involved in their learning by helping you create visual resources that can be referred to throughout the year. In the past, I created anchor charts in my classroom that involved drawing pictures and labeling the pictures with my students' help. I am not a great artist, so the charts ended up looking pretty terrible. This year, I decided to create these picture cards to use on my alphabet anchor charts to make the process a little easier. 

When creating the alphabet anchor chart, I let the students help me come up with words that begin with the letter we are focusing on. I then tape the picture to the anchor chart created on chart paper, and model writing the word to match each picture with the students' help. This allows the students to make a connection between oral words and written words. 

I also like to add the photographs and names of students who begin with each alphabet letter to the chart. They love seeing their pictures displayed, and it is a great way for students to learn how to spell each other's names.

We display these anchor charts around the classroom and the students refer to them often, especially in their writing.

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Crystal McGinnis

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