Simple Alphabet Books With Sight Words (Read or Draw Books)

The kindergarten school year is well under way, and we are making our way through the alphabet! One way I love to practice the alphabet is by using these alphabet mini books with sight words. These books are perfect for teaching the alphabet out of "isolation," but in "text" instead. Each book has a specific sight word sentence pattern, which definitely helps with sight word practice. Of course, they are also predictable, which is important for beginning readers.

I created this set of mini books to use just one sheet of paper. You print them, fold twice, and they are done! This saves paper, cutting, and stapling. 

I also created these books in two versions. One version has the students read the alphabet books, and the other version has the students draw pictures to match the text. I would probably start with the read version, and then use the draw version a different day as a follow up.

Crystal McGinnis

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