10 Teen Number Math Centers

Teen numbers can be very tricky for Kindergarten students. We can practice, practice, and practice some more, but there seems to always be a handful of students who just can't seem to master teen numbers. I created this set of math tubs to help Kindergarten students tackle this tough skill. This set of ten, hands-on morning math tubs/centers are very easy to implement, and only use a few manipulatives that most kindergarten classrooms have. Check them out below.


Ten Frame Cards-Students use counters to create sets of given teen numbers. This is great practice for one-to-one counting, and teen number recognition.

Students build teen numbers using pennies and penny banks. This will help them conquer the teen numbers, and hopefully let students see that they can break teen numbers apart into 10 + something.

Students practice ordering teen numbers using these numbers strips and clothespins. Simple!

These teen number puzzles let students practice counting teen numbers on a ten frame. They then match the teen number with the correct ten frame picture.

This set lets young students practice finding missing teen numbers. They place a clip on the missing number at the bottom of the card.

Students love using linking chains! This math activity has students build each teen number (in tens and ones) using linking chains.

Students will build teen number towers using linking cubes. They break the number apart into tens and ones.

Students practice identifying and ordering teen numbers using these teen number mats. I have provided two sets for differentiation (one with numbers, one without).

Students practice matching ten frames with clothespins while they are using this math center.

Play-doh is always a hit! Students build teen numbers using play-doh. Simple and fun!

If you like this set of math tubs, they are available in COLOR or BLACK AND WHITE! You choose! They are available in my TPT store, by clicking HERE!

Thanks for looking!

Crystal McGinnis

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