Bat Cave Craft Freebie

Do you teach your kinders about bats during the month of October? Kindergarten students love to learn about any animal, and teaching about bats is the perfect opportunity to incorporate some non-fiction into the curriculum! I created this "bat cave" craft to use during our study of bats. It is very simple to make. Check out the steps below.

Purchase some black cups. I found these in the birthday section at Wal-Mart, but they also have black cups out close to Halloween in the regular paper products section.

Cut out a section of the cup to create the "cave." I had these pre-cut for kindergarten, but older kids could definitely handle this task.

Use a small knife to cut a slit on the top (actually bottom) of the cup. You definitely want to do this yourself, but it only takes a second.

Give your kiddos a copy of my bat printable. Each student needs one bat, and one "bats hang upside down" tag. Let the students color the bat.

Have your students cut out their bat and label.

Students glue the bat to one end of a popsicle stick as shown, upside down.

Push the popsicle stick up through the slit that you created with the knife. Students glue the "bats hang upside down" tag on the top of the popsicle stick. They are done! 

If you would like this craft for your kiddos, it is free in my TPT store. Grab it

Crystal McGinnis

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