The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything (Story Sequencing Activities)

Do your kids love this book as much as mine do? It is an absolute favorite of mine to read during the month of October, especially close to Halloween. Not only is it an engaging book for kinders, but it is also a great book for teaching sequencing. I created this set of sequencing activities to go along with the book. You can do so much with this book, but here are a few of my activities.

After we read the story together, we will sequence the story, by placing the objects that she saw in the forest in order. This can be done in a pocket chart, or by placing tape or magnets to the back of the objects.

 I created his emergent reader that sequences what the little old lady saw in the forest. I used very simple text, because that is all that kinders are ready for at this point in the school year. We will read this book together, color the book to match the actual text, and then use the book to complete the next activity.

After students read and color the emergent reader to match the book, the students will complete this sequencing mat which matches the book. Students will glue the pictures in the order that they are in, in the book and in the emergent reader.

We will put together these sentences that are from the book. We will make sure that they are put in the correct order, matching the text of the book. This is a perfect activity to do during shared reading!

Students will create this "pumpkin head" scarecrow that was shown at the end of the book.

We will also create these story sequencing take home bags. Students will sequence the story for their parents using the props.

Students will then put together the objects to create the scarecrow that was shown at the end of the story.

Students will draw a picture of the "ending" of the story.

I have also created a few additional activities that supplement the book including simple sentences, a story map, and a writing prompt. If you would like to use these activities in your classroom, click HERE to get them!

Crystal McGinnis

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