4 Simple Native American Crafts for Thanksgiving

November and Thanksgiving are just around the corner!  One of my favorite units of study during the month of November is Native Americans. The kids love learning about Native Americans and Pilgrims, and how they came together at Thanksgiving. Each year I have some parent helpers come in, and I set up Native American "stations." The parents help each group of students create Native American crafts. After one craft is created, the students rotate to the next station. They love to get to create all of the items, and I love that it is so much less stressful on me with the extra parent hands. Here are four of the projects that we complete each year.

Native American Papoose- We create these Native American children with a carrier. They are very simple. Basically, it is just a pocket created out of construction paper. I use brown yarn to create a way for the students to carry their papoose. They get to choose a boy or girl Native American child.

Native American Canoe-We create these canoes with Native American children to ride in them.

Native American Teepee: Students design and create a teepee. These are very simple to create! We added sticks as an extra feature, but they can definitely stand without them.

Native American Headbands-Student create these headbands. They color and decorate the straps using various patterns, and a paper leaf is added to the front. They always look so cute in these!

I created very simple templates that even young students can handle. If you would like a copy of these Native American Craft templates, they are available in my TPT store. 

Crystal McGinnis


  1. I love these crafts, but I don't see them on your TpT site anymore. Do you have any other way I could access them? Thanks so much!

  2. I love these crafts but I cant find them on your site. Could you send a link to access them please? Thanks!

  3. Such cute crafts, are these still available? I wasn't able to locate them on your TPT site. Thanks again!

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