Alphabet Fun

One of the major skills that I teach in Kindergarten is the alphabet. I start the school year off with a different letter each day (for my quick learners), and then I slow down and study a letter each week. Here are some of the activities that we have been doing.

Letter F-We used our magnifying glasses and dot markers to be letter detectives. When we found the letter F, we dotted it.

Letter G-We created these "green and gold" glitter g's. The students brushed glue on their letter g's with these little glue brush bottles that I got from Lakeshore. They then sprinkled their letter g's with green and gold glitter.

Letter H-These are our letter h "hair" hats. We were working on our colors this week, so we created these hair hats using strips of paper. We glued a letter H to the front of the hat.

Letter H-I created these alphabet handwriting strips and placed them on word rings. I placed these in my done early box for students who complete their work quickly to use as a handwriting resource.

Letter I-Race to the top game. This is a game that my kids play for every letter of the alphabet. The kids roll the dice. If they roll a number 6, they write the letter that we are practicing in the boxes. The first person to reach the end is the winner.
Letter M-Mini Marshmallow M's: My kids dipped mini marshmallows in glue and traced the letter M. These always turn out really cute.

Alphabet Switch Game-I placed a large sheet of butcher paper on each of my four tables. I wrote a different letter of the alphabet on each paper. I blew a whistle and the students at each table had to write the letter that was on their butcher paper as many times as they could until I blew the whistle again. Once they heard the whistle again, the students switched tables and did the same for the next alphabet letter. This continued until the students had been to all of the tables.

Here are just two of my alphabet activity packets. Click below to see them.


Crystal McGinnis