Life Cycle Hats

Do your kids like hats as much as mine do? These life cycle hats are a perfect way to incorporate life cycle learning into your classroom. Your kids will love wearing these home to show their parents what they know about life cycles.

Crystal McGinnis

10 Jelly Bean Math Activities

Do your kids love to use candy during math as much as mine do? Check out my Jelly Bean math activities that are perfect for Spring and Easter. These activities can be used during your math time, or they could be placed in your literacy centers. I usually have each student bring in one bag of jelly beans, and that is more than enough for us to complete all of these activities before Easter.

Jelly Bean Addition-The kiddos use jelly beans to solve basic addition problems.

Jelly Bean Number Words-The kids read the number words and then cover the number word jelly bean with the correct number of candy jelly beans.

Jelly Bean Subtraction-Students use jelly beans to solve basic subtraction problems by creating the set in the jar, and then taking some out! Simple....

Jelly Bean Sorting - Students sort jelly beans according to color.

Jelly Bean Graphing-Students create a bar graph of their jelly bean colors.

Jelly Bean Measuring - Students measure each line using Jelly Beans!

If you would like to use my jelly bean activities in your classroom, they are available in my TPT store for $1. 

Crystal McGinnis