Beginning of School Ideas for Kindergarten

The beginning of kindergarten can be extremely exciting and stressful all at the same time. Having some stress free activities on hand can help ease some of the tension while developing routines and becoming used to the new classroom. Here are a few of the activities that I use at the beginning of the school year during the first few weeks. If you would like any of these activities for your own classroom, simply click on the title, and it will lead you to the set in my TPT store. Thanks for reading!

We will complete this school rules pocket chart sort. We will sort "good choices" and "sad choices" and discuss each one. We will review this chart daily at the beginning of school. It will then become a visual reminder displayed in our classroom.

Each morning, I will have a question of the day prepared in our pocket chart. Students will answer one question per day for the first two of weeks of school by placing their name below the correct answer in the pocket chart. We will then have a quick discussion about their answers. This is perfect for name recognition, and getting to know the class! Some of the questions include do you have a pet, do you ride the bus to school, and will you eat school lunch or lunch from home?

Many of those sweet little kinders have never held a pair of scissors. We will use these cutting practice printables to help them become acquainted with scissors. The kiddos try to stay on the dotted lines. It will take a lot of practice, but they will eventually get it.

We will also use my back to school basics set to practice some of the basic beginning of the year skills including cutting, coloring, alphabet, shapes, number formation, and more. You can sure learn a lot about your students by observing these basic skills. 

We will strengthen our fine motor skills by building our name with play-doh. This will be done each morning for the first few days of school. Name recognition is so important at the beginning!

I will use these simple back to school poems to introduce my students to written print. They are full of sight words and very predictable for new readers.

We will use this BATHROOM RULES sort each time we go to the bathroom at the beginning of school. We will discuss good bathroom etiquette, and not so good behavior. It is amazing what you have to teach those kinders at the beginning! The stories I could tell......

When we begin sitting on the classroom carpet, we will use these posters and classroom book to discuss the correct way to sit on the carpet. These posters will be on display and referred to until we all master carpet skills.


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Crystal McGinnis