December Emergent Readers

I just finished my latest set of emergent readers to use during guided reading. After the students are introduced to the book, we place these in our book boxes and use them during our "reading to self" time. This set includes 6 holiday and Christmas themed emergent readers that are predictable so that even the youngest readers can be successful.  It includes 2 gingerbread (cookie) books, one December book, and 3 Christmas themed books.

Crystal McGinnis

Thanksgiving Week Crafts for Kindergarten

I can't believe that it is already Thanksgiving week. Here is a peak at a few crafts that my kinder kids did this week as we were learning about Native Americans and Thanksgiving. I hope that you can use some of these ideas in your own classroom!

TEEPEES- We created these quick teepees. My kids drew Native American symbols on their teepee.

We created these Native American "papooses." The kids loved carrying these around.

We created Native Americans, and then we followed up the craft with a writing activity.

We completed our "Turkey in Disguise" projects. This idea can be found on pinterest in several locations!

We created a class can, have, are chart for turkeys.

We participated in several shared reading experiences throughout the week. I found this poem on pinterest. I simply changed the first line to say "Native Americans." The kids loved this song and knew it well by the end of the week.

We created our annual Native American headbands and necklaces. We then met first grade in the cafeteria for our feast. The first grade classes all dressed up like pilgrims.

Crystal McGinnis

Poetry Shared Reading in Kindergarten


This week I will be beginning a poetry notebook in my kindergarten classroom. We will use each of our poems as a shared reading and then we will add it to our notebook. The poems that we will use will all be sight word poems. These poems will focus on our sight word of the week. We will highlight our sight words as we are reading the poem. We will also focus on concepts of print, rhyming, punctuation, and more.

These poems come from my sight word poems set. I created 40 sight word poems to place in our poetry notebook. Click here to see more poems or to get them for your classroom.

Later in the year we will add to the poetry notebooks. We will add Fall Poems, Christmas Poems, Spring Poems, and more!

Crystal McGinnis