Geometry Interactive Notebook For Early Learners

I have been hearing a lot about the use of interactive notebooks in the classroom. At the beginning of the year I would have never thought about using an interactive notebook with my kinders, because the very thought of them using scissors made me worry. But now, I think that they are ready. I created this interactive geometry notebook to use as an introduction to interactive notebooks. It is a short notebook, with 13 interactive geometry activities included. They are all aligned to the Kindergarten Common Core Standards. I tried to create each page with my kinders in mind. I also did not want to purchase notebooks, so I created this interactive notebook out of stapled copy paper. The following is a look into this notebook. I will save mine to display at our family night at the end of the  school year.

Students sort 3 Dimensional Shapes and glue them under each flap.

Students draw a picture of 2 Dimensional Shapes below each flap.

Students sort shapes according to their number of straight sides.

Students compose shapes. (Put shapes together to form new shapes)

Students change shapes into real objects by drawing.

Students sort the 2 & 3 Dimensional shapes into categories.

Students build a house using shapes. Students listen to positional words to decide where to place each shape.
Students sort shapes into triangle/not triangle, square/not square etc.
Students cut out pictures of real objects. Students glue them beneath labeled shape flaps.

Crystal McGinnis

Literacy Centers With Spoons

 I am always trying to come up with new math and literacy centers for my classroom. This week I created this set of literacy stations that use spoons as a prop. I bought a box of 100 count plastic spoons at Wal-Mart. I used a sharpie marker to create my centers. Here is what I came up with. 
My upper level students will use this center. They will read the cvc word that was written on the spoon, and they will match it to the cvc picture that is on the spoon printable.

My middle level students will complete this set of spoon centers. They will match a letter on the spoon to the picture on the printable that begins with that letter.

My kids will find the missing vowel on the spoon printable. They will then match the vowel on the plastic spoon to the word with the missing letter. This will help reinforce the vowel sounds.

My kids who are still learning the alphabet will use this center to practice ordering the letters of the alphabet. They will order their spoons from A to Z.
This center will also give my students a chance to practice their alphabet recognition. Students will match an uppercase letter spoon to the lowercase match on the spoon printable.
If you are interested in my spoon literacy centers, click the link below to see them in my TPT store. Thanks for looking!
Learning To Read With Spoons! Literacy Center or Small Gro
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I also created these clip-it cards. These are so simple to make, and the kids love them. Students read three words and place a clip on the word matching the picture. Simple as that. I keep these cards in my literacy center.

You can get them by clicking this link.

CVC Words Clip It Cards! Literacy Center Activity (32 Cards)


Crystal McGinnis

10 Quick & Easy Number Recognition Math Centers

Quick & Easy Number Recognition Math Centers

In my classroom, I use center time as a time that I can meet with my small groups for guided reading. Some of my centers are academic, while the other centers are play. Here are some of the math centers that I have going in my room this week. Most of the centers were created from items that I found in my classroom or at home.

My kids are playing a game of "fill the cup." The students roll the dice and place that many teddy bears into a cup. The person that fills the cup first is the winner. This simple idea was found on pinterest.

This is my number recognition domino center. Students count the dots on the domino and match it to the number on the apple.

I found a large amount of leftover Easter eggs in my cabinet. I realize that it is October, but decided to go for it. I wrote a number on one half of the egg, and drew dots on the other half. Students match up the sides to form a complete egg.

I used a sharpie marker and wrote numbers to 20 on the sides of these linking cubes. Students snap the cubes together in order.

I numbered popsicle sticks from 1-20. Students line up the popsicle sticks in order.

I printed off these number cards. I provided linking cubes. The students build a tower that matches the number on the card. This helps the kids see more/less and practice number recognition.

This is a game called Roll It, Cover It! Students roll the dice. Students cover the number that they rolled with a bingo chip. Another student does the same and covers the number on their side of the paper. The first person to have all of their numbers covered is the winner.

This is a number recognition game that is apple themed. The kids draw out a number and say the number. If he or she says the number correctly, he or she gets to keep the number. If he or she draws out a worm card, they have to put all of their numbers back. The person with the most number cards at the end of the time is the winner. I also have a version using the alphabet and my sight words.

This game is called Roll & Move. I wanted my kids to practice one to one correspondence, so I created this simple game. Students roll the dice and move their game piece. The first person all the way around the board is the winner.

I wrote numbers on these sorting trays. Students count out teddy bears to equal the number written. He or she then places the teddy bears in the correct section of the sorting tray.
I also found this idea on pinterest. Someone had created this center using the alphabet. I decided to use numbers instead of the alphabet so that I could place it in my math center tub. I wrote a number on a clear spoon, and I drew dots to match the number on the white spoon. The students match the spoons and place them one on top of the other. They loved this!
Here are some of the math packs that I have available in my TPT store.



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