Easter Egg Spring Literacy Center

I am SOOO excited that spring is almost here! I get the winter blues, and this year has been especially difficult. With spring only being a few weeks away, I have decided that it is time to start thinking about spring planning for the kindergarten classroom. This week I created this spring literacy center using plastic Easter eggs. The prep is simple, and the kiddos will love the hands-on approach to practicing their CVC and CVC words. Here is what you do:

I created a set of small CVC word picture cards. I also created word labels to match the cards. These labels can easily be taped to the front of the plastic Easter eggs. The kiddos will read the word on the outside of the egg, and place the correct picture in the egg. Simple as that!

After they match each egg. The students will write the CVC word on the recording sheet. This holds them accountable for completing the activity.

Some kindergarten students are ready to read LONG VOWEL CVCE words. I created this set for them. It is important that we differentiate to meet the needs of all learners.

If you would like to use either set in your classroom, you can grab them in my TPT store by following these links. I hope your kids love them!

Crystal McGinnis