9 Easy Hands-On Number Sense Math Centers (Numbers 1-10)

9 Easy Hands-On Number Sense Math Centers
(Numbers 1-10)
My kids love hands-on math activities! With them in mind, I created these "math mats" to place in my math center. Each math mat provides a hands-on activity that reinforces number recognition, formation, or counting and cardinality. Take a look to get some ideas for your classroom.

Clip It-Students count the dots on ten frames and clip it with a clothespin. Simple!

Race to the Finish-Students roll a dice and move their game piece that many spaces. The first person to the stop sign is the winner!

Domino Match-Students match dominoes to given numbers. This is great practice with number recognition and one to one counting.

Counters-Students use various counters on this math mat. They match the number in each circle.

Play-Doh number formation- Students build numbers using play-doh.

Play-Doh counting-Students build play-doh "balls" and place them on a ten frame.

Roll & Cover It-Students roll two dice, count the dots, and cover the number.

Unifix Cubes-Students build unifix cube towers to match the given numbers.

Popsicle Stick Tallies-Students create tallies using popsicle sticks and then count tallies and match them to the numbers 2-10.
If you are looking for some quick math centers, these are available in my TPT store. Click the link above to get them.

Crystal McGinnis