Spring Literacy Activities

Spring is almost here! It is amazing how much progress is made in Kindergarten up to this point. Kinders are reading, writing, and beginning to develop some independence. With that in mind, we must keep teaching literacy to get those kiddos where they need to be by the end of the year. Ready for First Grade! The following are literacy activities that I use in my classroom in Spring. 

Spring Poems for Shared Reading-These poems are full of sight words and are perfect for shared reading, guided reading, and filling those book boxes! We create a spring poetry journal! We highlight the sight words, practice reading with fluency and rhyme, and then use these for independent practice reading. They love them!

After learning a new poem, we put it together in a pocket chart. It then becomes our new poem in the pocket chart center. We use highlighting strips to highlight our sight words in the poem. It is exciting to hear them read the words as they are putting the poems together.

We use these simple predictable sentences as a warm up in guided reading. They are very predictable for new reading. Some of my kids still need dots for tracking print. You can see my simple predictable sentences here!

Sometimes we work with simple predictable sentences in the pocket chart. When we learn about the life cycle of a frog, this set of predictable sentences will be incorporated into the pocket chart center. I give them a printable of the simple sentences to use as a guide. Check out my spring predictable sentences pocket chart here!

Crystal McGinnis