My 5 Senses (Hands On Fun!)

5 Senses In The Classroom

One of my favorite topics to teach to my kindergarten class during our Human Body unit is our 5 senses. My kids absolutely love this topic. It is very easy to make it hands-on, which definitely holds their attention. Here are a few of the 5 senses activities that we completed this week. I hope you can use some of these ideas in your own classroom.

I filled balloons (deflated) with objects that I found in my kitchen. Some of the objects included beans, rice, raisins, and salt. We took turns passing around the balloons and used our sense of touch to figure out what was on the inside. We predicted what it was and drew it in the circles on our recording sheet. I then revealed what it actually was.
We made "telephones' using cups and string. We then stood far apart (making sure that the string was tight) and tested our telephones by whispering into one end and listening in the other. They were amazed. This was one of our sense of hearing activities.

We tasted our sense of smell by smelling "hidden smells." I placed peanut butter, chocolate, peppermints, and a pickle inside of 4 different cups. I put paper over the cups (foil would have been easier) and then I poked a hole in the top. My kids smelled what was in the cup and drew what they thought it was on the recording sheet. I then took off the paper and revealed what the smells actually were.

This was a fun activity that tested our sense of sight. I placed 8 objects on a tray. I let the students see the 8 objects for 30 seconds. I then hid the tray. The students tried to draw the objects that they remember were on the tray.

We made this flipbook when we were talking about our sense of taste. After tasting 4 foods (chocolate, pretzels, lemon juice, and grapefruit) the kids drew pictures of the foods beneath each flap of the book.

We created this 5 senses book. Students created a portrait of themselves out of construction paper and then labeled their senses on it. They then created a page for each of the 5 senses using cut outs that I had made.

We also tested our sense of hearing. I placed small objects in plastic Easter Eggs. The students then passed them around and shook them to see if they could use their sense of hearing to figure out what was inside. This was pretty tough so I had to show them one of each object so that they could match the object with the sound.

These activities all came out of my 5 Senses Activity Pack. Click the link below to get it.
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Crystal McGinnis

Classroom Pictures

Classroom Pictures
( A Look Back...)

I am completely guilty of taking hundreds of pictures of my kinders each year. I leave a camera on my desk so that it is easy for me to grab and snap a picture anytime. I found an old SD card laying around this weekend, so I started looking through the pics. It is amazing how quickly time flies. Most of these pics were from my class last year.

We made rainbow hair as we were reviewing colors and color words.

These were adorable! I took pics of my kinders and they added "rainbow hair" to the pics.
I had these crowns prepared and ready to go on the first day of school. It was a perfect way for the kids to learn the first letter of their name, and a perfect way for me to remember their names.
We made play-doh pets. These were part of our "getting to know you" activities.

When we were learning about labeling, we labeled a student. The kids loved this. Next time I need to remember to use a more "friendly" tape, as the tape didn't come off as easily as it went on.
We were talking about things that we each do well and how everyone is different. This group was showing off their hoola hooping abilities.

This was one of my early in the year math stations. My kids were sorting coins.

Another math station- Building Shapes!

Johnny Appleseed Day-Hats

My kids love using food during math time. We were building our shapes using marshmallows and toothpicks.

This was one of my Easter Centers last year. I wrote subtraction problems on the eggs. Students matched problems and answers. I need to dig these back out!

This was a pic from our Polar Bear unit. I placed shortening in a Ziploc bag and we pretended it was blubber. They were amazed at how warm their hands stayed in the ice water.

Pumpkin fun-These turned out soooo cute!

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Crystal McGinnis