Long Vowel Short Vowel Pocket Chart Centers

Do you love using a pocket chart in your classroom? The pocket chart center is always a class favorite. The kids love that they can get up and moving while learning. I love how versatile it is, and how it can be changed so easily to incorporate so many different activities throughout the school year.

I always keep a pocket chart in my learning center rotations. Sometimes the pocket chart has math activities, seasonal activities, reading activities, or word work activities. This is an example of a set of pocket chart activities that I have created to use in my classroom. 

This long vowel/short vowel pocket chart word sort is placed in our pocket chart center after I have introduced each vowel. Students sort pictures into long vowel/short vowel sounds by placing picture cards in the pocket chart beneath each vowel card heading. 

Students love this pocket chart sort! I make sure that I introduce each pocket chart whole group before I place it as an independent activity. I also provide a follow up independent practice sort for the students to complete after finishing the pocket chart. This holds them accountable by having something to turn in.

Grab one of these pins to come back!

Crystal McGinnis