Morning Math Tubs or Centers

What do you do for morning work in your classroom? I have decided to try morning math tubs. They are simple to implement, hands-on and engaging, and they require no grading while I am trying to complete attendance, lunch count, and those other morning tasks that must be done. I am creating an entire year of morning math tubs, which will include 10 sets of 10 tubs. This set is my 3-D shapes version. Each tub can be completed by one or more students. The tubs can then be rotated the next day.

Students sort the environmental shapes by name on the sorting mats. 

Students sort the shapes into 2-D (flat shapes) and 3-D shapes (solid shapes).

Students use linking chains to link a 3-D shape with a matching environmental shape.

Shape Puzzles-Students create 3-D shapes.

Students match 3-D shapes with environmental shapes.

Shape Roll and Cover-Students roll a dice, and cover a matching shape. They play against a partner if they choose.

Students build the shapes using toothpicks and/or play-dough.

Students place a clip on the correct 3-D shapes that matches the environmental shape.

Students look at the base or face of each shape, and place a clip beside each shape that has the correct base.

I will place each activity in a separate tub on student's tables in the morning.

Click here to get my 3-D shape morning tubs or math centers. You might also like the BUNDLE, which has numbers to 10, 2-D shapes, 3-D shapes, teen numbers, and addition so far! It will have a total of 10 morning tubs sets when complete.

Crystal McGinnis