New Kindergarten Teaching Materials

Since summer has officially began, I have been working very hard creating some new products for the upcoming school year. I know that the beginning of kindergarten is very slow-going, and I must go back to the basics. Two of the skills that my new kinders must master are number sense and the alphabet. Here are a couple of the sets that I  just created to get them started.

Number Sense

My kinders will cut out ways to make different numbers (such as dice, dominoes, tens frames, tallies) etc. If they match the number, they will glue it to the number. I will probably use these as a "number of the day" activity.

You can see my number activity in my TPT store by clicking here.
Beginning Letter Sounds

I also created these alphabet beginning sounds activities, so that my kinders could practice their beginning sounds during our letter of the week. My kinders will decide which pictures begin with the given letter and glue the pictures to the letter.
You can see this set in my TPT store by clicking here.
 Alphabet Books
I also created this set of alphabet books to use during my "letter of the week." This set includes 26 alphabet books. (one for each letter). In each book, students color pictures that begin with each letter, trace each letter, write each letter, rainbow write each letter, highlight each letter, and draw a picture that begins with the letter.


You can get my alphabet books by clicking here.

Handwriting Practice

This is the alphabet handwriting practice that I created. Students trace the letter, write the letter, color the letter, highlight the letter, draw a picture that begins with the letter, and rainbow writes the letter.
Alphabet Matching
This set of alphabet printables allows students to practice matching upper and lowercase letters. Students cut out the lowercase letters and glue them to the matching uppercase letter. I use this during my letter of the week early in the year.
Number Sense

These are some pics from my number sense pack. I created this pack to use during the first few months of kindergarten when my kinders are just learning basic number sense.
Alphabet Find and Color

This is my alphabet find and color pack. Students simply find the pictures that begin with the given letter and color them.
Beginning of Kindergarten Basics Pack

I will use this pack the first few weeks of Kindergarten when everything is so busy as we are adjusting to the new school year. This pack covers basic kindergarten skills including colors, numbers, letters, name writing, etc.
Alphabet Writing Center

This will be part of my writing center. I created these alphabet strips and laminated them. I cut them and placed a book ring in the upper left hand corner. Now my kids can practice each letter with an expo marker and then flip to the next letter.
Number of the Day Journal

At the beginning of the school year, I always have a "number of the day." This year I am going to use these number of the day journals that I created. Each day, students will complete the number of the day activities for the given number. There are five activities for each number. Students get to use stickers, stamps, crayons, and drawings. I have also included a number formation poem for each number.

I Learned My Alphabet Necklaces

I created these alphabet necklaces for my students to wear home after they are introduced to our letter of the week. I thought that this would be a great way to inform parents of the letter that we are working on so that they could also be working on it at home.
Common Core Math Journal

I am really excited about how easy this will be to use in my classroom! I created this September Math Journal Notebook for my kinders to keep and use daily in the classroom to practice the Common Core Standards. I will bind this monthly journal, and all of my supplemental activities will be in one place and ready to use. This will make a perfect supplement to my math series, as most of the activities will take only a few minutes to complete. This journal will help me if I need something quick to help cover a few extra minutes, or possibly to use during a small math group. 

Teen Numbers

My kindergarten students struggle with mastering their teen numbers every year. I created this pack of printables to give them a little more practice with those "tricky teens."
Number Warm Up

I will use these printables during my number of the day. My kids will write it, tally it, draw it, etc.
Alphabet Headbands

I created these alphabet headbands to use as one of my alphabet centers. Students cut out pictures that begin with the given letter, and glue them to their headband. 
Alphabet Bracelets

I also created these cute little alphabet bracelets to go with our headbands and necklaces. Each
bracelet has a different letter and three pictures that begin with the letter. I will use these during my letter of the week activities. I will also put these in my alphabet centers for my kinders to work on independently after I have taught them how.



I created this set of printables to use at the beginning of the school year to help
my kinders with ordering numbers, writing numbers, forming numbers etc. This set reinforces numbers 1-10.
You can get my numbers to 10 practice printables here.
Alphabet Packets

 Give your students a dot marker and a magnifying glass, and let them go on a letter hunt. This printable is from my letter F alphabet packet. I have created these packets for most of the alphabet, but not all (a work in progress). I love these packets because I can basically print the entire packet and be ready for my letter of the week.

This is the October version of my math journal. I am embarrassed to say that today is the first time that we have gotten them out (It's October 20th). I keep them handy and we pull them out when we have some extra time or I have underplanned. Today we completed the candy corn graphing page. I may also start using these as a morning work resource. Last month I sent home the journal at the end of the month and the kids finished the pages that we had not finished in class as homework. Kindergarten is such a fun age because they still want homework!!
Alphabet Foldable Pamphlets

I created these alphabet pamphlets to use during our letter of the week activities. These are very simple to use as the students just have to make two folds. (No cutting or gluing!!!)




Crystal McGinnis


  1. Love both of these! Great for beginning of year!

  2. Oh my gosh! Crystal, I am so glad I found you and your wonderful ideas!! I am also doubly thrilled because you have kept your prices so low, and I can afford to buy many of your items. Thank you for being so awesome!!

  3. Hi Crystal,
    Do you have all of the letters done as Letters of the Week packs? I could only find about 13 of the letters. Also, do you have math journals for each month, or just a few selected ones?
    Lisa Mace

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