Christmas Winter Projects


Help! Santa is stuck.... This is a new craft that I will be doing with my kinders before Christmas. We will build this chimney with Santa hanging out, and we will write about how we can get him out. I will then display them.
Build a Snowman in a Snow Globe Craft
My kiddos will create these snow globe build a snowman crafts soon. They will put together the snow globe, build the snowman, and attach the poem to the bottom. I have a template for this craft available in my TPT store if you are interested! Click here to see it.
I created this snowman craft to display in the hall following Christmas break. Students will create this snowman and then write about what they will do when it is a snow day. Simple as that!

We created these cute little deer this week. The legs are made out of clothes pins. Very Simple!
Here is the outside of the cards that we created for parents. I found this idea on pinterest. I love pinterest!
Wild About Winter! 11 Kindergarten Common Core Winter Math 
This is my word blending station. Students match the onset with the word ending to create a real word. These are then recorded on a recording sheet.

This is my favorite. This is my addition build a snowman center. Students build a snowman by placing a snowman head with two snowballs for the body. The snowballs must have a matching addition problem and answer. After all of the snowmen are built, students complete an independent practice activity.

This center has my students ordering numbers to build pictures.


This is my digraph center. Students sort picture cards into beginning digraphs including sh, th, ch etc.
These are a few of the math and literacy stations that I have created to use while I am working with small groups. I usually have 9 literacy and math stations going at a time so that I can keep the numbers low at each station. These are just a few of the centers in my winter and math center pack. You can get it at the link below. Thanks for looking!

I love polar bears and penguins! That is why I created his polar bears vs. penguins pack so that I can teach my kiddos about them both. This pack has cute writing crafts, books, experiments etc. I cannot wait to use it! If you like it, it is available in my tpt store below.

Here is a sneak peek at my new Common Core Christmas Pack. I
created this pack to use the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I created a variety of math and literacy printables that are simple for me to just print and go. This pack has 55 pages of printables that are Kindergarten ready.
Check out the pack at the link below and login to my TPT store for some Christmas Freebies!

This is the morning work that I use every morning. It is Common Core aligned for my kinders.  You can get the set in my TPT store at the link below.

These are some of the predictable readers that I created for my kinders book boxes. I am always looking for readers to go with our reading series, so I thought these would be perfect for the holiday season. Here they are. You can get them at the link below.

My kinders are finally ready for writing! Here are some pics from my December Journal. It includes 20 holiday writing prompts, a cover, and blank pages. You can get it in my TPT store by clicking the link below.

Crystal McGinnis

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