Sharpie Pens Teacher Appreciation Gift

A teacher friend of mine made this adorable "teacher appreciation gift" for her daughter's kindergarten teacher. She had all of her kids sign a flower pot, and then she placed foam inside of the flower pot. She then attached sharpie pens (because all teachers can use sharpie pens) onto small wooden sticks. She placed the wooden sticks, with the sharpie pens into the foam to look like the stem of the flowers. She then decorated the end of the sharpie markers with paper flowers. The attached sign says "THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR KIDS SHARP." This turned out so cute! (Makes me wish I were her daughter's teacher!)

This is the gift that I created for my daughter's teacher. It was not nearly as elaborate as my friends, but it was really easy and cheap to make. I took a soup can and hot glued crayons all the way around it. I finished it up by placing a ribbon and bow on it. I then filled it with mechanical pencils. This was super easy, and was created for only a few dollars.

Crystal McGinnis


  1. I would love a gift like that! :)

  2. This is pretty cool. Give a gift to her for most special woman of your life. has tons of gifts so it depends completely on your personality and style on what you decide to choose.