Kindergarten Math

Kindergarten Math

I absolutely love teaching math! Here are a few of the math activities that my kinders have been doing the last few weeks.

We built shapes using common objects. We built a square using popsicle sticks. I emphasized that all sides must be the same size when creating a square, so we measured our popsicle sticks before gluing them on.

We built circles using these dot stickers that I found at Wal-Mart. I had the students create a pattern as they were building their circle.

We built numbers using these linking cubes. I called out a number and the students hooked that many cubes together. They then wrote that number on their white board and marker. I got these cute little paddle boards from Lakeshore, but they have had them at Dollar Tree.

I set up sorting stations around the room. This group is sorting inchworms according to size and color. I am letting my kids use plastic tweezers to sort their objects.

We have also been working on shapes. I cut large shapes out of butcher paper. I gave my kids old magazines and let them cut out shapes and glue them to my butcher paper shapes. I was amazed at how engaged the kids were.

We played a game called roll it, cover it. My kids roll the dice and count the dots. They cover the number that they rolled with a counter. The first person to have all of their numbers covered is the winner.

This is a page from our September math journal. My kids counted stickers to match the numbers. I created these monthly math journals to use as a supplement our math series. They have come in very handy when I needed a little extra activity to go with my lesson. These journals are available in my TPT store.

This is a game called domino match. I placed a domino match sheet in the middle of my tables with a pile of dominoes. My kids raced to fill their sheet with dominoes by matching the domino to the number on the apple. The first table to have their paper filled was the winner.

Crystal McGinnis

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