Geometry Interactive Notebook For Early Learners

I have been hearing a lot about the use of interactive notebooks in the classroom. At the beginning of the year I would have never thought about using an interactive notebook with my kinders, because the very thought of them using scissors made me worry. But now, I think that they are ready. I created this interactive geometry notebook to use as an introduction to interactive notebooks. It is a short notebook, with 13 interactive geometry activities included. They are all aligned to the Kindergarten Common Core Standards. I tried to create each page with my kinders in mind. I also did not want to purchase notebooks, so I created this interactive notebook out of stapled copy paper. The following is a look into this notebook. I will save mine to display at our family night at the end of the  school year.

Students sort 3 Dimensional Shapes and glue them under each flap.

Students draw a picture of 2 Dimensional Shapes below each flap.

Students sort shapes according to their number of straight sides.

Students compose shapes. (Put shapes together to form new shapes)

Students change shapes into real objects by drawing.

Students sort the 2 & 3 Dimensional shapes into categories.

Students build a house using shapes. Students listen to positional words to decide where to place each shape.
Students sort shapes into triangle/not triangle, square/not square etc.
Students cut out pictures of real objects. Students glue them beneath labeled shape flaps.

Crystal McGinnis

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