Force and Motion Pushes and Pulls

Our school uses the Next Generation Science Standards. One of the standards includes force and motion and pushes and pulls at the kindergarten level. I remember having a really hard time last year finding resources for this topic. This year I am prepared! I just finished up my unit on pushes and pulls. My kiddos will participate in these activities when we come back from Christmas Break. The following is a sneak peak into the unit.

This set includes a book on both pushes and pulls. We will read these together and then complete the activity on each page. These books teach that some objects are much easier to push and pull than others.

This is my push and pull picture sort. Students will determine if a push or pull is needed and glue the pictures to the printable.

This is my push pull venn diagram scavenger hunt. We will go on a walk around the school. We will draw pictures of  objects that we push, pull, or both.

I have created several experiments. This experiment will let my students determine the speed of objects. We will build ramps and race cars down them. We will record our results on this recording sheet.


This is a picture of the friction experiment that we will do. We will use straws to try to blow marbles on different surfaces. We will determine if friction makes our marbles move faster or slower.

This is a song that we will sing as we are discussing motion. We will act out the song as we are singing it.

We will use these pictures in our pocket chart. We will sort our pictures into push, pull, or both categories.

Crystal McGinnis

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